cloud web hosting

Program Information

  • Host Company
    Cryptiva Technologies understands the challenges and complexities facing today’s organizations seeking protection from developing threats: the severe shortage of security experts, inefficient processes and the many new complicated technologies that provide only partial solutions. Find our more:
  • Program Description
    This program on website hosting will guide participants on how to get a website up and running on the world wide web and accessible via a web domain (
  • Target Audience
    This program is open to all individuals aspiring to own and manage their websites efficiently.
  • Program Content
    Choose a good web host company and domain registrars; Verify and register domain names; Access over 500 third level domain [TLD] extensions; Transfer / Resell Domains; Host / publish / manage any website online; Setup / Configure / Manage corporate emails [ as]
  • Timeline
    2-3 months
  • System Requirements
    A laptop or computer with a web camera, headphones with a microphone, and WiFi with a good connection. Our primary collaboration tool is Microsoft Teams. As the interaction progresses, other tools such as Zoom and Google Meet could be deployed by Host Companies as a redirect link in Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Career Prospects
    In the medium to long term, you can expect to make quite a lucrative income from your own web hosting business, but this all depends on how much work you put in during the initial stages. It takes a lot of consistent effort to draft your business plan, search for customers, deal with queries and deal with marketing
  • Program Fee
    Company internship fee: N50,000 | Personalized mentorship fee: N10,000
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