content writing

Program Information

  • Host Company
    Careers360's Tech Hub: We provide a virtual ecosystem that turn ideas to business solutions and eventually to markets. We work with tech-founders, innovators and creative minds to incubate initiatives that contribute to national economic growth. Find out more:
  • Program Description
    This remote writing internship is a great opportunity for anyone keen to develop their writing skills, gain experience in the communications field, and build a portfolio of great content.
  • Target Audience
    Young graduates who want to horn their writing skills to fit into today's digital world.
  • Program Content
    Writing creative and SEO-focused blog content; Writing web content; Managing social media channels; Assisting with the overall content and communications strategies; Writing proposals or reports.
  • Timeline
    2 months
  • System Requirements
    A laptop or computer with a web camera, headphones with a microphone, and WiFi with a good connection. Our primary collaboration tool is Microsoft Teams. As the interaction progresses, other tools such as Zoom and Google Meet could be deployed by Host Companies as a redirect link in Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Career Prospects
    Content writers are so much in demand because businesses now understand the importance of good content. Web Content Writer; Freelancers; Creative Content Writer and Editor; Content Writers for Marketing; Blogger and Script Writer.
  • Program Fee
    Company internship fee: N30,000 | Personalized mentorship fee: N10,000
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