data science for public health

Program Information

  • Host Company
    Dataville Research LLC is a consortium of global development professionals and public policy think-tank with head office in Abuja, Nigeria and field offices in Jos, Lagos, Maiduguri, Nairobi, Johannesburg and New Delhi. We work with a wide range of clients, including international NGOs, national governments, regional organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations and philanthropies. Find out more:
  • Program Description
    Data Science for Public Health is an emerging discipline, combining mathematics, statistics, epidemiology and informatics. This program will equip young professionals with the tools and skills to manage and analyse very large diverse datasets across healthcare systems.
  • Target Audience
    The demand for well-trained health data scientists is high and likely to increase over time. We anticipate graduates from the pharmaceutical industry; research organisations; governmental institutions such as the World Health Organization); Non-governmental organisations; Health-tech SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises); and the academia.
  • Program Content
    Apply statistical and machine learning approaches to analyse health-related data; acquire the tools and skills to manage very large diverse datasets across healthcare systems; develop the professional skills – including teamwork, project management, and presentation skills – to work as a successful data scientist in the public or private sector; understand the varied roles of a health data scientist within the wider health and health research environment; learn about the key sources of health data, and the context in which these data are collected, implications of the context on issues such as data quality, accessibility, bias and the appropriateness of use to address specific questions; study the key issues related to ethics, security and information governance.
  • Timeline
    2-3 months
  • System Requirements
    A laptop or computer with a web camera, headphones with a microphone, and WiFi with a good connection. Our primary collaboration tool is Microsoft Teams. As the interaction progresses, other tools such as Zoom and Google Meet could be deployed by Host Companies as a redirect link in Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Career Prospects
    Health data scientists are in high demand and it's a career that offers the chance to shape the future of healthcare. A career in health data science brings the opportunity to use your skills to help find new ways to prevent, treat and cure disease, and ultimately, improve people's lives.
  • Program Fee
    Company internship fee: N60,000 | Personalized mentorship fee: N20,000
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