Frequently asked questions

  • Who is a Careers360 Mentor?
    A Careers360 mentor is a mid-level career professional that virtual work experience interns can turn to for advice, guidance and as a resource. Our mentors are also there to motivate, serve as a role model, share resources, encourage their mentee and keep their mentee's best interests in mind.
  • What qualities make a good Mentor?
    A good mentor must be respectful, have excellent communication skills, encourage others, be open to receiving (and comfortable giving) feedback, be a good listener, have some knowledge about the subject the mentee wants to discuss and enthusiasm for the impact they can have on another person.
  • What do I talk about during a mentorship session?
    As a mentor, it's important to ask your mentee what they would like to discuss. Allow them to lead the conversation, or at least provide a good starting point for you. Ask your mentee what they want to work on, what their goals are, what they are motivated by and their expectations for you.
  • How do I build a good relationship with Host Companies and virtual interns?
    Having a good relationship with the host company and your mentee is critical. To build a healthy relationship with them, show your commitment to being their mentor, let them make their own choices with your encouragement, actively listen, remain positive, choose realistic goals together, support their decisions and be so open to what they have to say that they feel comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns.
  • How long does the mentorship last?
    The virtual work experience program involves 250-300 hours of work, and interns are engaged with company projects to work remotely for 10-12 hours per week.
  • What equipment and resources will a Mentor need?
    A laptop or computer with a web camera, headphones with a microphone, and WiFi with a good connection. Our primary collaboration tool is Microsoft Teams. As the interaction progresses, other tools such as Zoom and Google Meet could be deployed by Mentors as a redirect link in Microsoft Teams platform.
  • What are Mentors financial benefits?
    Mentors are free to fix the training fee and would earn 70% of the revenue after 7.5% VAT deduction.
  • Who will I report to during the mentorship?
    All questions and complaints of Host Companies are to be directed to the Internship Experience Manager via or +234 805 500 0214

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